1.   How can I join BEST?

The easiest way to join BEST is to visit our Become a Member page and fill out the form. You can also Print this Member Registration Form, fill out it out, and bring it one of our meetings.


2.   What does BEST actually mean?

B Bangladeshi: Being of Bangladeshi ethnicity E Expatriates: Used in the modern meaning of one who chooses to live abroad S Society of: Members of a community T Texas: The Lone Star State Basically, it is the coming together of people of Bangladeshi ethnicity who live abroad (away from Bangladesh) in the Lone Star State specifically North Texas.


3.   Why did BEST get started?

The founding members of BEST noticed a significant gap in the community services provided for the Bangladeshis living in North Texas. While there were (and still are) several cultural programs and events throughout the year, no organizations were addressing the most important factors – how to keep the growing number of second and third generation youth connected to our culture and community. That’s where BEST stepped in – to bridge the gap between the traditional Bangladeshi culture and the western world where the second and third generations are growing up.


4.   What is the purpose of BEST?

BEST was formed in 2010 with a mission to be the premier organization for Bangladeshi Americans living in Texas by: – Helping the community with social services – Supporting recent immigrations with their assimilation into mainstream American society – Fostering an environmental of unity and, – Promoting and preserving Bangladeshi heritage and culture.


5.   How can I help with Best?

We are always looking for new volunteers from the community to help us bring our vision to life. Our only two requirements: be energetic and be passionate about working together for the greater good of the community. Also – if you have time to dedicate to community service, that’s a plus. If you are interested in helping in future events or BEST efforts, please visit our contact page.


6.   What exactly is Bangla Blast?

Bangla Blast is an annual program presented by BEST that involves the local youth. The name kind of gives you the essence of the program. The first word in the name of the program is Bengali and the last word is non-Bengali. The name Bangla Blast is representative of the content of the show itself. This show is geared towards the youth that is being brought up here and have a completely different upbringing than the generations before them. If we need to reach out to this new generation, we need to be able to connect to them using a method that they can relate to. The idea of the show is to get this new generation excited about their common heritage and coming together as a community. We want to show that Bangladeshis are able to create a “Blast” with their talents regardless of the style of dance or language of song they perform to/in. It is a show about coming together and staying connected. This show always initiates great dialogue between the different generations and that in itself is an accomplishment.