Shahan Chowdhury


(214) 500-0637

Words I live by (favorite quote): Be kind to everyone as everyone has their own cross to bare.

Profession: Physician, City of Garland, Family Medicine, Urgent Care and with personal interest in ultraprevention in vascular disease.

City of residence in Texas: Coppell.

Years in North Texas: Almost 13 Years.

One thing (not person) I can’t live without: iPhone, (with apps: pinterest, facebook, netflix, internet, gmail, exchange mail and acceess to my office medical software).

My favorite movie of all time: Jane Eyre (I’m a romantic at heart).

An interesting fact that people don’t know about me is: I am a pretty good multi-tasker.

If I could have dinner with one person (living or non-living), I would have dinner with: my deceased dad to show him all the photos of Ameera & Tamara, whom he never met. He would be “tickled pink”!